ABOUT Hi-Standard Dog Food

Hi-Standard Dog Food dog foods are formulated with:
• A precise balance of amino acids to support healthy muscle tissue
• High levels of fat to support energy levels and stamina
• Highly digestible meat protein sources
• Omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat

From how we formulate our quality lines of dog food to our service and commitment to having the best price for our customers every day – this is why our business is growing and what you and your dog can expect from us. It really is that simple!

Our nutrient dense formulas are designed specifically for very active and athletic dogs requiring the extra fortification of amino acids, energy, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to maintain peak condition throughout their lives.

The benefits to your dog are increased stamina, improved health, a glossy and healthy skin and coat, increased muscle tone, strong bones and because we use highly digestible ingredients, less waste and cleanup.

If you have set high standards for your dog, you don’t need to look any further!

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You want to know what’s in actually in the food that you’re giving your dog. Knowledge is power. Your pet is important to you. The content of their food is, too.