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Loki and Nora have been fed Hi-Standard Puppy Food since the day we brought them home. They absolutely love it. Nancy Skovgaard, Customer

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We recommend it to all of our new puppy homes!! I would urge anyone to give it a try. Melissa Drew, Owner, DrewDogs.com

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I have been feeding my older Catahoula Mix your food for about month now. Her coat is amazing. Her energy is amazing. She sheds a lot less!!! She is about 12 or 13 years old feeding her the 23/16. I found out about this from a friend who brought back a sample from a game show. Jules Houston, Customer

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We have been feeding our dogs your food for over a year now! We are so pleased with it and tell everyone we can about it. Vonda Carlton, Breeder

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Hi-Standard gives my dog the energy and focus he needs when we’re out training or hunting. I pay attention to the ingredients in his food so I know that he can perform when it really counts. Larry Jackson, Customer

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My German Shepherds are doing fantastic on your dog food. I have been feeding them it for 4 years! Lori Karchner, Customer



You want to know what’s in actually in the food that you’re giving your dog. Knowledge is power. Your pet is important to you. The content of their food is, too.