December Customer of the Month: Carroll’s Dog Supply

Our Hi-Standard Customer of the Month this December is Carroll’s Dog Supply of Greensboro, Maryland. The store is owned and operated by Robert Carroll, who has deep roots in the hunting lifestyle. 

Robert began coon hunting when he was only five years old, and has continued to hunt his whole life. For the last twenty-five years Robert has also trained the dogs he hunts with. He enjoys deer, goose, and duck hunting as well. 

Having trained and been around dogs his whole life, Robert began selling leashes and collars when he was younger. Eventually, he began selling Yoder boots as well. This helped him be able to open an entire pet store, selling everything you would need for a dog. This includes dog food.

Having always had high-activity level dogs, Robert knew that a good dog food would make a difference in how his dogs performed. Salesman Chip Kohser was able to convince him to carry Hi-Standard, and he immediately saw results. Having fed his dogs Hi-Standard Premium Performance 26/18 for two years, Robert noticed they were not only performing better but also looking much healthier

Their coats are shinier, they don’t get hot, it gives them a good weight and it just makes your dog look good,” says Robert.

In addition to owning Carroll’s Dog Supply and being an avid hunter, Robert is also president of the Coastal Coonhunters Association in Farmington, DE. 

So if you live near Greensboro, Maryland and need a new dog leash or just some great dog food, make sure to stop by Carroll’s Dog Supply at 26354 Boyce Mill Road, or give him a call at (302) 535-3836.

Carroll's Dog Supply

November Customer of the Month: Wolf Creek Farm and Supply

Wolf Creek Farm and Supply is a small rural country feed store owned by Neal Pfleiderer and his wife. They operate it with the help of two part-time employees. They offer an array of products such as Walnut Hill Feed, Hi-Standard Dog Food, Sullivan Supplies, and Swan Creek Candles. They also carry seasonal produce which they grow themselves, as well as some other miscellaneous items. Wolf Creek is known not only as a one-stop shop but also as a true family store where all are welcome to stop by to shop or sit on the front porch to chat!

It all started back when Neal and his wife were just selling produce from their farm. Then as they became more popular and business picked up, they brought on livestock feed and started building a relationship with Walnut Hill. They then started carrying Hi-Standard Dog Food and other pet products and this really helped them pick up business. “Hi-Standard is one of our best sellers, we feed it to our dogs and they love it”. – Neal Pfleiderer 

Once business picked up and they started getting more popular, they decided to change their name to Wolf Creek Farm and Supply. They did this because they had a dog named Dakota that was a wolf hybrid that everyone knew them by. 

If you are in the Gallion, OH area and looking for Hi-Standard Dog Food, or really anything since this country feed store is a one-stop shop, stop by Wolf Creek Farm and Supply for some good ole southern hospitality! Their address is 5666 Co Rd 57 Galion, OH and their phone number is 419-560-1335. 

Wolf Creek Farm and Supply
Wolf Creek Farm and Supply
Wolf Creek Farm and Supply

October Customer of the Month: Eric Boliantz of Pumpkin
Seed Market Company

Ever since he could remember, Eric Boliantz has worked in small family-owned businesses in the town of Mansfield Ohio. The Boliantz family has deep roots in Mansfield. Their first business was Boliantz Hardware, which opened in 1954, and was run by Eric’s uncle. Later in life, Eric and his dad partnered to open a marketplace in the community. Inspired by another store in Ohio called the Mustard Seed Market, Eric and his wife eventually decided to call their store Pumpkin Seed Market Company. 

Opened in 2011, Pumpkin Seed Market Company first started as a deli and bulk foods store. Eventually, they started moving into selling pet products and food. Eric and his wife were breeding Australian Border Collies at the time and knew what went into high-quality dog food. After shopping around with different distributors near them, they eventually settled on Walnut Hill Grain. Walnut Hill recommended Hi-Standard to Eric after looking over what he wanted in dog food.

Eric has always prided himself and his family on their tradition of serving their community. He even picked pumpkin for the name of his store because it remind him of autumn traditions

When asked about why he picked Hi-Standard for his store, Eric said “All of our items are handpicked for my customers, and I want to be sure I’m picking the best possible products for them. I have faith in smaller companies like Hi-Standard because they care about their product.” Eric also said he noticed that “Hi-Standard customers are loyal. They know what they like and they will always come back to buy it because they trust it.” Eric feeds his dogs our Hi-Standard 23/16, and will soon be fed his puppies our puppy food as well. 

If you are near Mansfield Ohio, stop on into Pumpkin Seed Market Company, located at 1625 Executive Drive, or give them a call at (419) 525-5500. You can also find them on Facebook or on their website.

Pumpkin Seed Market

September Customer of the Month: Liz Stocker of
Oldtown Hounds

September’s Hi-Standard Customer of the month goes to Liz Stocker of Oldtown Hounds. Liz has been an avid coon hunter for fifteen years. She also participates in AKC and UKC events, regularly sweeping the competition. 

Liz recalls her first big win, which was the best in show award at the 2013 AKC All Breeds competition. She describes remembering that “my knees buckled” when they announced that she had won. More recently, Liz and her dog Duece won Select dog at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the oldest sporting event in America. 

Deuce himself is a fan of our Hi-Standard Premium Performance 26/18. Liz switched her kennel of dogs to Hi-standard, noticing that the allergies that had while on other foods stopped once she made the switch. Liz says her favorite thing about Hi-Standard is that it is formulated for active dogs and that the formula has stayed consistent since its inception. “It’s no longer the same food,” Liz said, noting how often other companies alter their formula.

When she’s not hunting or winning best in show, Liz is also a member of the Ohio State Sportsman and Sporting Dog Association. This group advocates for the rights of coon hunters and Ohio wildlife. She also breeds Black and Tan Coonhounds at Oldtown Hounds. If you are interested you can find them on Facebook.

So don’t take it from us, take it from an award-winning dog. Hi-Standard is the only brand of dog food to consider. With glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, Vitamin E and Zinc for immune support, and Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for a shiny coat and healthy skin; hold your dog food to The Golden Standard with Hi-Standard Dog Food. To find a dealer near you, click here or give us a call at (866) 357-3335

Liz Stocker

August Customer of the Month: Kellerman’s Feed and Supply

Hi-Standard and Kellerman’s go way back. Current owner Todd Kellerman actually went to high school in Pinckneyville with Hi-Standard president Skyler Graskewicz. The two have remained friends since then, even when Wade, CEO, and Founder of Hi-Standard Dog, owned a retail store in Pinckneyville, IL where Kellermans is located and they had a little bit of a friendly competition going on.

Opened in 1998 by Todd’s father Douglas, Kellerman’s was originally a grain mill and farm supply store in Pinckneyville IL. It wasn’t until they partnered with True Value hardware store in the early 2000s that they became the Kellerman’s we know today.

As mentioned in the beginning, Kellerman’s and Hi-Standard were competitors at one point. Both were trying to sell dog food in Pinckneyville to the same community. It was not until Wade closed his retail location in Pinckneyville and started selling Hi-Standard wholesale and Kellerman’s began selling Hi-Standard.

Kellerman’s has been selling Hi-Standard dog food for almost twenty years, with the most popular product being our Premium Performance 26/18 formula. When asked about what his customers think of Hi-Standard, Todd said everyone knows it as “the hometown brand”, and most of the customers who buy it have been doing so for many years.

So if you are near Pinckneyville, IL, and need hardware, farm supplies, or some Hi-Standard Premium Performance, Kellerman’s is the only destination you will need. Contact them at 618-357-6421 or check out their website:

Monday-Friday: 7am – 6pm,
Saturday: 8am – 5pm,
Sunday: 10am – 3pm

For more information on our products, check out the guaranteed analysis and ingredient breakdown here:

Todd Kellerman
Kellerman Logo

July Customer of the Month: Double U Hunting Supply

The July Customer of the Month is Double U Hunting Supply. In 2000, owners Buddy and Laura Woodberry started the business by selling deer and elk decals at their local sportsman shop. This began as a hobby for them until 2008-2009 when they quit their jobs to focus 100% of their time on the hunting community.

With their past experience and knowledge of hounds, Double U Hunting Supply now sells hunting dog supplies such as e collars and tracking equipment. They are one of the largest dog tracking equipment companies in the country.

“We are hunters first and we know what’s at stake when you are out in the woods with your dogs.” – The Woodbury Family

Although they do not have a Hi-Standard Dog Food supply in store, they can order the product you need! Visit their store at 1418 SE 14th Place Building A Suite 140 Battle Ground, WA 98604 for all your hunting supply needs. Contact them at 855-384-8687 or check out their website:


7:30 – 4 pm PST daily

For more information on our products, check out the guaranteed analysis and ingredient breakdown here:

Double U Hunting Supply

June Customer of the Month: Morgantown Ag

The Hi-Standard Customer of the Month is Morgantown Ag located in Morgantown, WV. This family-owned business sells livestock feed, lawn and garden, pet supplies, and of course, dog food. They are a distribution hub in the area. Outside Sales Rep, Shane Christopher sells out of all four locations owned by Southern States.

Owned by Marshall Bishop, Morgantown Ag has been selling Hi-Standard Dog Food for the past two months. They carry the High Energy 24/20, Premium Performance 26/18, and Premium Performance 23/16 formulas at this location. They share a #MarshallMonday photo every week highlighting one of their products with their company cat, Marshall.

Keep up with their Facebook page to see what will be highlighted next week! If you are located in the Morgantown, WV area and looking to buy Hi-Standard Dog Food; visit Morgantown Ag at 1974 Hunters Way, Morgantown, WV 26505. You can also contact them by calling them at 304.296.4441 or check out their Facebook page for more info:

Monday – Friday, 7 AM – 7 PM
Saturday, 7 AM – 6 PM
Sunday, 10 AM – 5 PM

Morgantown AG

May Customer of the Month: Walnut Hill Feeds

The Hi-Standard Customer of the Month is Walnut Hill Feeds, owned by the Horst family. Celebrating their 25 years of services, co-founders Nelson and Twila Horst opened their first store in 1997.

Working at Walnut Hill along Nelson and Twila are other family members, Kevin, Weston, and Javin. This family run business has three locations in Ohio. They sell dog food and livestock feed and supplies. Walnut Hill has been a Hi-Standard dealer for close to 6 years now. What piqued their interest in the brand was the high quality of the feed and the great success of the company.

If you are in the Shelby, OH area and are interested in buying Hi-Standard Dog Food; visit Walnut Hill Feeds, INC. at 6048 State Route 598, Shelby, OH 44875. You can also contact them by calling them at 419.342.2942 or visit their website:

Looking for a location closer to you? Check out these locations in Maria Stein, OH and Sterling, OH!

2510 Goettemoeller Rd, Maria Stein, OH 45860


6113 Sterling Road, Sterling, OH 44276


Walnut Hill Feeds
Walnut Hill Feeds

April Customer of the Month: Luke’s Place

Our Customer of the month for April goes to Luke’s Place! The owner Luke has run this bait, garden and feed store for over 16 years. He opened the shop when he retired from his previous job. Luke’s Place is a one stop shop for anyone in Southern Illinois that enjoys fishing, gardening, or has animals they take care of. They offer a wide variety of plants, flowers, and vegetables / fruits to plant in the spring along with pumpkins and mums in the fall. You can go shop at Luke’s Place any time of year for fishing supplies, feed, and of course Hi-Standard Dog Food.

Luke got started with Hi-Standard about 14 years ago after a few of his customers requested he get it stocked. He got it in the store and even fed it to his own dog at the time. “Hi-Standard is top quality feed, if you ask me”- Luke. He has been a loyal customer and dealer of Hi-Standard Dog Food for over 14 years and we are so thankful for his support. If you would like to save a trip when shopping for your flowers this spring, stop by Luke’s Place and grab yourself some flowers and Hi-Standard Dog Food all in one trip. Visit their store any day of the week between 5:30 am and 4:00pm.

Luke's Feed and Seed
Luke's Feed and Seed
April Customer of the Month

March Customer of the Month: Iron Saddle Ranch

Our Hi-Standard Customer Highlight of March is Iron Saddle Ranch, owned by Beth and Roy Landers. They have been a long time Hi-Standard customer, long before they opened their business and became a dealer with us. 

They started feeding their dogs Hi-Standard before becoming a dealer back in 2018. They would buy from a local individual dealer that bred bloodhounds. Beth would buy pallets of a time for her dogs and when she saw how much her dogs loved it and how well they performed on the food, she knew that once their business was open, they too would become Hi-Standard Dealers. 

            Iron Saddle Ranch started as a feed and Priefert store for local farmers. The business grew into a dealership for SMC, Exiss, Sooner, Elite, Kodiak Trailers, and Hillsboro Trailers. Iron Saddle wanted to start hosting rodeos and began their first project building their arena. With all the growth, they were able to expand their business even more into a clothing store with brands such as Wrangler, Twisted X, Cinch, Myra Bags, and Crazy Train. They also recently opened a bar and grill for anyone looking to have some fun over the weekend. Their business truly is the “one stop shop” for—not just farmers and ranchers—but for everyone.

Next time you are in the Salem, IL area, you must stop by and grab a bite to eat and shop their clothing selection; and of course pick up some Hi-Standard Dog Food for your canine companion at home!

March Customer Highlight
March Customer Highlight
March Customer Highlight

January Customer of the Month: Zanella Milling

Matt and Mark Zanella bought Zanella Milling seven years ago from their parents after they had run it for over 30 years. Their parents had gone to the bank to secure a loan to turn a car wash into a beer distributor. However, with their connections with all the local farmers; they decided to buy the West Sunbury mill and turn it into a one-stop-shop for farming, hardware, and home supplies. The mill at Zanella Milling is over 120 years old and they are one of the last companies in the whole country to mill buckwheat flour. Along with their historic mill, they have a retail location. Their retail location is stocked with just about anything you would need. From hardware and farm supplies to honey and spices. It truly is a one-stop-shop for all. 

In the beginning, their top-selling brand was Buckeye. They sold every product line that Buckeye offered – including their dog food. When Buckeye got out of the pet feed business, the hunt was on to find a new dog food to take their place. Matt and Mark asked their customers and peers what brands they liked best for their dogs and pets and many of the breeders and hunters told them that they had been feeding Hi-Standard and that they loved it. Matt and Mark decided to try it out and when they saw how much their dogs loved it and how well they did on it, they decided to start ordering it in bulk.

When asked what makes Hi-Standard stand out from all the other brands, Matt explained that the biggest factor was the consistency with the quality:

“No matter what is going on with the economy, the bag size and quality of the food are always the same. Some of these other brands have started making smaller bags and the quality of the food has really plummeted in the past few years. You don’t see that with Hi-Standard”.

Another thing that Matt pointed out that makes Hi-Standard stand out from all the other brands he works with is the colors of the bag make it easier for the customer to remember what type of food is the one they feed. “It really simplifies the process for the customer. They may not remember the name, but they’ll always remember the purple bag that their dog loves” Matt said.

“Zanella has been a loyal distributor with us for almost 20 years now. It started with Matt and Mark’s father and now the two sons distribute Hi-Standard throughout the north west Pennsylvania region. We are so thankful for the many years of loyalty and support from them and we look forward to many more years to working together and growing together.” – Wade Graskewicz, owner

Zanella Distributor
Zanella Distributor

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