March Customer of the Month: LeeAnn Becker of
Becker Ranch

When starting Becker Ranch four years ago, LeeAnn Becker’s goal was to breed German Shepherds that were going to be not only healthy but also even-tempered. She does this with an extensive screening process to make sure the dogs she is breeding have healthy hips and joints and have a calm disposition.

She doesn’t stop there though. While raising the puppies, she rotates the two dogs at a time out of the kennel to live with her and her family in their house. The ranch also has a large open area for the dogs to run and play. LeeAnn is an AKC-approved breeder with H.E.A.R.T., meaning she does all recommended health testing. She is also an AKC-approved trainer and evaluator for titling. The ranch also chips each puppy to make sure they are always trackable. LeeAnn runs the ranch with her husband Chris and their six kids.

When selecting prospective dog foods for the ranch, LeeAnn made a stop at her local feed, Utica Feed, to ask for suggestions. They recommended she try Hi-Standard Premium Performance Puppy Food 32/18. LeeAnn immediately saw the results she was looking for. That is why she sends each of her puppies to their new families with a 40-pound bag of our dog food.

I love the vitamins they include. It helps protect against a lot of diseases in puppies that other dog foods do not,” says LeeAnn.

So if you are looking to get a German Shepard puppy and are near Utica, Ohio, check out Becker Ranch on their website. If you are just looking for good puppy food, check out Hi-Standard. With 100% American ingredients like added b-vitamins and DHA for brain development, this food will make sure your puppy gets a head start in life!

LeeAnn Becker Ranch

February Customer of the Month: Taycie Powell of The Golden Life

February’s Customer of the month is Taycie Powell and her breeding company The Golden Life (TGL), a premium golden retriever breeding business. Taycie’s idea for TGL came to her when she was thirteen years old, listening to How I Built This, an NPR podcast about entrepreneurs and business innovators. Taycie would listen while taking evening jogs and decided she too would dedicate her life to becoming an entrepreneur.

Taycie started TGL with the goal of changing the way people thought about breeders. By facilitating a personal relationship with the customer all the way from the birth of the puppy to handing them off to their new parents, TGL is right there with you to ensure a quality experience. This includes everything from matching pet parents with a puppy based on personality, sending photos and other updates, and even having FaceTime calls. Taycie also keeps in contact once you receive your puppy to answer any questions or just to stay in touch. TGL also has nationwide delivery, where a staff member will personally travel with the puppy to ensure their safe arrival.

TGL and Taycie both highly recommend Hi-Standard to all their customers.
So if you are in the market for a golden retriever puppy that is ethically bred, check out TGL on their website. Make sure to hold that new puppy’s diet to The Golden Standard with Hi-Standard Dog Food. Made with quality ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, Vitamin E and Zinc for immune support, and Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for a shiny coat and healthy skin. To find a dealer near you, click here or call us at (866) 357-3335.

Tracie Powell the Golden Life

January Customer of the Month: Associated Food Stores

Our Hi-Standard Customer of the Month this December is Associated Food Stores, a chain of retail stores located across Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oregon. Founded in 1940 by Donald Lloyd, the original idea of Associated Foods was to unite small independent retail stores to compete with larger corporate stores. Originally, thirty-four stores joined together with Donald. Each store Donated $300 each to build a warehouse they could all use and benefit from.

Over its Eighty years in business, Associated Foods has bought and supplied other retailers. Some of the brands you might have heard of that work with or for Associated Foods are Macey’s, Fresh Market, Lin’s Market, Dan’s Market, Dick’s Fresh Market, and Lee’s Marketplace. Associated Foods currently serves around 450 retailers in the American West. Ridley’s Family Markets, which was supplied by Associated Foods, began carrying Hi-Standard in the 2000’s. Associated Foods then began offering the dog food to all of the stores that they supplied.

So if you live near one of the stores mentioned above and are looking to try out Hi-Standard Dog Food, visit our website to find the closest dealer near your location. Associated Foods supplies many stores in Utah and the Salt Lake City area, so we can help find the closest store to you! To read more about each of our dog food products, visit our products page or give us a call at (866) 357-3335!

Associated Food Stores

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