July Customer of the Month: Jordan Camp

Trainer, competitor, and owner of multiple businesses. Jordan Camp wears many hats, but his favorite job is working with retrievers. Since the age of thirteen, Jordan has been training and hunting with dogs. He was able to turn his passion into a business, and now even competes professionally. With hard work and dedication, Jordan has managed to make a career out of his passion.


Jordan was always a duck hunter, and at thirteen he got his first retrieving dog. He trained them himself by watching instructional videos online. After his first dog passed away, Jordan took some time off from the sport before he met some people from Prairie State Labs, who got him his next dog, Rocky. Seeking out more advanced training, Jordan took Rocky to a trainer he knew named Kirby Stevens.


Kirby and Jordan became friends while the former was training Rocky. Realizing he had a knack for training these dogs, Jordan began offering his services to others. This eventually led to him boarding some of his clients’ dogs when they went out of town. Jordan saw potential in running a boarding and training service, and he and his wife Kim decided to buy an old kennel in 2019. They renovated it and opened Camp Canine Boarding & Daycare. “I wouldn’t be able to run tests on the weekend without our wonderful staff and kennel manager Keely,” Jordan adds. 


Kirby and another trainer Jordan knew named Clay Owens convinced Jordan to give Joy Dog Food a try after becoming discouraged with what he was feeding. Jordan decided to give Joy a try and was impressed with the results! He filled out a Joy dealer application and began carrying it at Camp Canine. “Our customers say their dogs’ weight and stools are great after switching to Joy, and the variety of products is a great bonus,” Jordan says. He feeds our Super Meal 30/20 during hunt test season. 


Jordan has plenty of accomplishments in the testing world. Currently, he has five dogs with HRCH titles and six with HR titles. He also has a three-legged dog named Skye who has her HRCH and has run the Grand. 

So if you are looking for boarding or training facilities, or a Joy Dog Food dealer, near Utica, KY, check out Camp Canine Boarding & Daycare or give them a call at 270-228-4920.

Hi Standard Dog Food Jordan Camp

June Customer of the Month:Ridley’s Family Markets

If you live in Wyoming, Utah, or Idaho there’s a good chance you’re familiar with our June Customer of the Month: Ridley’s Family Markets. Ridley’s has been serving the Intermountain West’s grocery needs since 1984. Let’s take a look at their history, and of course how they ended up stocking Hi-Standard Dog Food.

Ridley’s was founded in 1984 by Jerry and Connie Ridley as an 11,00 square foot grocery store in Payson, UT. In 1988, they acquired the buildings from other closed stores and expanded into Idaho. That year Ridley’s officially incorporated in Idaho.

Throughout the 1990’s, Ridley’s began buying closed-down grocery stores in Idaho and expanding their locations. They also bought several locations from Associated Food Stores. This began their relationship with their future Hi-Standard Supplier.

In the early 2000’s, Associated Food Stores began buying Hi-Standard and offering it to the stores they supplied. Ridley’s began carrying the food in their stores soon after. Around the same time, Ridley’s began opening their first stores in Nevada and Wyoming, making Hi-Standard finally available in those states. Ridley’s kept expanding into the 2010’s, now operating thirty-one stores in five states. 

So if you live in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, or Colorado, check out Ridley’s Family Markets. See if you have a location near you on their website here.

If you want quality dog food made with 100% fresh American ingredients, check out Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call 866-357-3335 for more information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

Ridley's Family Marketes

May Customer of the Month: Drake Roberson

Since he could hold his head up, Drake Roberson has had a huge passion for
coonhunting. Drake’s grandfather, the late Terry Roberson, raised and trained many hounds for
people throughout the years. The most well known hound of Terry’s was Roberson’s Little
Deacon, who can be found deep in the pedigrees of a lot of Black and Tans today. His father,
Kevin Roberson, traveled across the U.S. to Blue Ribbon events as a judge, and also owned
and handled a lot of dogs in the major events. When Drake was a child, Kevin and his best
friend, Bryan Davis would carry him through the woods on their shoulders just so he could go
along with them.

Being raised in the sport, Drake had always been passionate about running hounds and
coonhunting. He attended his first competition in 2005 at the Breeders Challenge. There were
100 contestants and there had been puppies donated that the winners of the challenge would
take home and train for next year’s challenge. Drake won and took home a pup out of Fletchers
Style Jake and Pine Ridge Chic named Stylish Coshema (this dog would go on to win the 2007
Youth PKC World Championship with Hunter Jones handling). Every day Drake and his brother
would train with an old shop rag and coon scent or squirrel hunting. One time, while squirrel
hunting after school, his dog actually treed a coon in broad daylight. This is when he knew that
he was ready to start coonhunting at night.

The next year came around and Drake won the Breeder’s Challenge, winning 1,000
dollars and a new tracker system. This lit the fire under Drake’s feet and he got hungry for more
wins. He started to compete in more hunts, winning the 2009 TN State Championship at age 16,
placing in the top 6 of the 2012 Spring Junior Super Stakes Championship, and making the
finals of the AL State Championship two different times. Drake won the 2012 Youth Handler
showdown, with his brother, Payton, being in the finals with him and placing 2nd. Growing up,
winning a Blue Ribbon Pro Hunt was always a highly recognized achievement and something
Drake had always dreamed of doing. He went on to make the finals of multiple Pro Hunts,
winning his first Pro Hunt in 2016, in Crowville, LA with a hound named Hissy Phitt. In 2019
Drake and his father both made the finals of the Goodsprings, AL Pro Hunt, where Kevin got 1st
and Drake took 2nd. To him, making the finals with his father was the most special moment of
his coonhunting career. Drake raised and trained a dog he still hunts today named Dirty Dealer,
who has went on to be a PKC Platinum Champion, winning 2nd in the PKC Spring Sophomore
Super Stakes, 2nd/3rd split in an Arkansas truck hunt, placing top 30 in the PKC World
Championship, and getting 3rd in the AL State Championship. In 2020, another special moment
came along for Drake, in Mount Orab, OH where he made the finals of the very first Pro Sport
truck hunt with one of his best friends, Michael Ward. To Drake, being able to enjoy the sport he
loves with his family, and making friendships that will last a lifetime, is what he loves most about
the sport.

The sport of coonhunting and the spirit of competition wasn’t the only family tradition in the
Roberson family; they also shared a love for Joy Dog Food. His grandfather and father fed it to
their hounds for many years; Drake was even caught red-handed eating some Joy Dog Food a
few times as a child! Drake feeds his dogs the High Energy 24/20 and Super Meal 30/20 and he is very happy with the results he’s seen. “Joy Dog Food is a great dog food for my dogs, but I
love it because they support the working dogs and hunters of America” –Drake Roberson

Drake also said during his interview that he would like to thank his wife and parents for all their
support throughout his life and for pushing him to always do his best. He would also like to
thank every single person who took the time to haul him all over the country as a kid. Without
those guys, he’d never be where he is today.

Albion Tire COM

April Customer of the Month: Albion Tire

Ben Shilling has spent his whole life working on machines for other companies.
Finally, eleven years ago, he decided to take matters into his own hands and work for
himself. Let’s take a look at our April Customer of the Month, Ben Shilling of Albion Tire
in Albion, IL.

Ben grew up on a farm outside of Albion. As an adult, he worked for several
prolific companies in the surrounding area as a mechanic for trucks and tractors.
Wanting to get out from the thumb of big corporations, he had an epiphany one night at
2 am; he would open his own tire shop in 2013. In April of 2024, Albion Tire will
celebrate its eleventh anniversary.

Ben bought an old gas station in Albion and began renovating the space. Soon
enough he had his tire and auto repair shop running. Ben works on everything from kids’
bikes to trucks and backhoes. “If it’s got rubber, we can do it,” says Ben.
Ben had always been an avid dog hunter. His neighbor turned him on to Hi-
Standard and eventually convinced him to sell it in his tire shop. Since picking it up, he
has had a steady stream of customers buying it. “Their stoles and coats look better, and
the dogs eat it good,” says Ben. He feeds our Premium Performance 26/18 to his
hunting dogs.

So if you live near Albion, IL, and need some automobile or tractor maintenance
work, look no further than Albion Tire. Contact them by phone at 618-445-2544, their
Facebook page, or visit them at 421 East Elm Street.
If you want a quality dog food made with 100% American ingredients, check out
Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call 866-357-3335 for more information on
our food and to find a dealer near you!

Albion Tire COM

March Customer of the Month: Hinkle Hardware

The last thing Wayne Hinkle ever thought he’d spend his retirement doing was opening a hardware store. In a twist of fate though, Wayne now serves as his hometown’s provider of hardware and Hi-Standard Dog Food. He even has customers from other states come up just for our food. Let’s take a look at our March Customer of the Month: Wayne Hinkle of Hinkle Hardware in Marengo, OH.

Wayne was born and raised in Marengo, where he lived a completely different life before opening his business. Wayne was an educator in town, where he taught math and workplace preparation to classes from 6th-12th grade for seven years. He was also the High School principal for fifteen years and coached the school’s football team for twenty-five years.

After retiring, he knew he wanted something to occupy his time. The town’s hardware store was for sale, and he had a background in helping his dad at his construction business. Wayne was the third owner of the building, noting that it had always been the town hardware store.

Around seven years ago, the store began selling animal feed. Their vendor, Walnut Hill Feeds, recommended Hi-Standard to them. Today, customers from all over, even Kentucky, come to his store for dog food. “They love that it’s made here in the USA,” Wayne says.
So if you live near Marengo, OH, and need hardware, tools, or a great American-made dog food, check out Hinkle Hardware at 20 S Main St. You can also call them at 419-253-0221 or visit their Facebook page.

If you want a quality dog food made with 100% American ingredients, check out Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call 866-357-3335 for more information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

Hinkle Hardware Customer of the Month

February Customer of the Month: Dussel Farm and Feed

For five generations, Dussel Farm and Feed Store has provided the Kent Ohio community with produce, animal feed, and a unique farm experience. Currently run by Mike and Linda, the two intend to keep up the traditions of their past while bringing new spins on the farm store for customers.Dussel Farms was started in 1948 by Mike’s grandparents. They worked the land and sold their excess crops to the surrounding citizens. They also maintained a slaughterhouse on the property. Continuing their work, Mike and Linda began working and selling out of the farm when they got married in 1978. By the late 80’s, they converted the old slaughterhouse into a storefront to sell their crops. They began hosting an annual fall pumpkin festival to bring in new customers.

This included concession stands, crafts, and a corn maze. Last year, they were even able to have a live band play. Additionally, they also hold a vegetable market in the summer. In 2000, they added processed animal feed to their store. This included several dog foods. It wasn’t until a few years ago that they began carrying Hi-Standard Dog Food at customers requests. “They didn’t want to change. We began keeping it in stock for them,” says Linda.

If you live near Kent, OH, and are looking for fresh produce, animal feed, or Hi-Standard Dog Food, make sure to visit Dussel Farm and Feed Store at 1109 Old Forge Road, or visit their website.
If you are looking for quality dog food made with 100% American ingredients, check out Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call 866-357-3335 for more information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

Dussel Farm and Feed Store and Hi Standard Dog Food

January Customer of the Month: Keith Levan of KC Shepherds

Kicking off 2024, our January is no stranger to German Shepherds. In Fact, he’s been training them for over 45 years. Keith Levan of KC Shepherds in Rushsylvania, OH worked in law enforcement training K9’s for thirty-two years.

After retiring in 2011, he translated his passion for dogs into a breeding and training business. For decades Keith worked with the state of Ohio to train and certify German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for law enforcement. Keith would also train personal protection dogs for clients. He also competed in United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) competitions, winning numerous titles.

After retiring from law enforcement, Keith and his son Jamie decided to continue their mutual love for training dogs by starting KC SHepards. Here, they breed and train German Shepherds for personal protection and pets. While searching for a new performance dog food, Keith ended up talking to Hi-Standard’s owner Wade Graskewicz, who connected him with Hi-Standard distributor Brubaker Grain Chemical.

“My vet commented on how good their coats looked, and how good their stools were,” said Keith.

“They all do really well and keep eating it,” he noted.

So if you live near Rushsylvania, OH, and are looking for a trainer or a new
puppy, reach out to Keith and Jamie at KC Shepards.

Visit their Facebook page here or give them a call at (937) 935-4693. If you are looking for quality dog food made with 100% American ingredients, check out Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call 866-357-3335 for more information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

Keith Levan of KC Shepherds

December Customer of the Month: Steve Regan Company

Our December Customer of the Month will be no stranger to customers in Utah and Idaho. Since 1936, the Steve Regan Company has been a one-stop shop for all things farm and garden. Check out our article for a brief history of their company.

Steve Regan started the company in Salt Lake City, UT in 1936. He initially sold herbicides and insecticides to local farmers but expanded with other locations and products. The business was successful, so they began opening new locations, bringing additional products for their new clientele.

Steve Harmsen purchased the company in 1978. They experienced unprecedented growth and built a new corporate office in Murray, Utah. Currently, they have nine retail locations across Utah and Idaho. Steve Regan Co. also has an extensive online store for customers’ convenience.

Steve Regan Co. picked up Hi-Standard in the mid-2000s when owner Wade Graskewicz walked into their corporate office and pitched the food to them. Their customers with ranch and farm dogs love our Premium Performance 26/18, as it gives them the energy to get the job done.

So if you live in Utah or Idaho, check out Steve Regan Co. for all your farm, garden, or ranching needs. You can visit their website to learn more about their products and order online.

If you are looking for quality dog food made with 100% American ingredients, check out Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call (866) 357-3335 for more information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

Steve Regan Co Customer of the month Hi Standard Dog Food

November Customer of the Month: Merritt General Store

Small-town pride is crucial to Scott Burkett, our November Customer of the Month. Scott recently purchased his local feed store, Merritt General Store, in Merritt, MI. Scott has been shopping there since he and his wife, Angela, moved to town. They are also happy to continue the previous owner’s traditions while adding their own touch to the business.

Scott and Angela, a veterinarian, are both from the city of Grand Rapids, MI. After Scott left the Army, he and his wife were looking for a change of scenery and found themselves in the small town of Merritt. They purchased some land to start a farm, something they had both wanted. They began with compact farming and greenhouses, growing all their own vegetables. Recently, they also started breeding chickens and began shopping at the local general store for supplies.

Scott had an interest in the idea of running the store one day, and he let the owner know. When the previous owners decided to retire, they sold the store to Scott and Angela. They already have plans to expand the store, with Angela operating a vet clinic next door.

Scott decided to keep Hi-Standard Dog Food when customers began asking if they planned to continue stocking it after buying the store. Scott mentioned, “A woman called to make sure we were keeping it; it’s all her dogs will eat.” He has customers who drive as far as forty-five minutes just for the food. He was even convinced to feed his own three dogs our Premium Performance 26/18 and Adult Maintenance 22/12.

So, if you live near Merritt, MI, and need Hi-Standard Dog Food or other farm supplies, check out Merritt General Store. They are located at 310 S Merritt Road. You can also visit their Facebook page here or give them a call at (616) 888-4138.

If you are looking for quality dog food made with 100% American ingredients, check out Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call (866) 357-3335 for more information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

Merritt General Store Merritt, MI

October Customer of the Month: Shriver Farm Services

Greg Shriver spent most of his life involved in farming. He also always dreamed of opening his own business. So after he retired from a storied career in the industry, he was able to open his very own farm store. That business is our October Customer of the Month, Shriver Farm Service in Wana, West Virginia.

For Greg, farming runs in the family. He still tends to his family’s beef and sheep farm when not at the store. He worked for Southern States throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s helping them sell animal feed. After leaving them, he began running a dairy farm for West Virginia University. He worked there for twenty years before retiring. 

Even though he was retired, the next phase of his life was just beginning. He had always dreamed of running his own business and decided to put his farm and feed expertise to good use. Opening in 2014, the first version of his store ran out of his basement. He started out selling fencing supplies and eventually got into selling animal feed. All the while, he was building the retail storefront himself, completing construction in 2017. 

After running the business out of his retail store, Greg began having customers ask him to pick up Hi-Standard Dog Food. He has a lot of hunters that love the High Energy 240/20, and pet owners that feed the Adult Maintenance 22/12. He even has a customer who runs racing dogs that eat the Premium performance 26/18. “They keep coming back. I get a lot of repeat customers with the Hi-Standard,” says Greg. He even feeds our Adult Maintenance 22/12 to his pet dogs.

So if you live near Wana, WV, and are in need of Hi-Standard Dog Food or other farm supplies, check out Shriver Farm services. They are located at 271 Wise Run in Wana, West Virginia. You can also check out their Facebook page here, or give them a call at 304-662-6213. 

If you are looking for quality dog food made with 100% American ingredients, check out Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call 866-357-3335 for more information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

September Customer of the Month: Valley Market

The grocery industry has been a way of life for Valley Market owners Tom Ferguson and Terry Handcock. Both men had worked for grocery stores for most of their lives before opening Valley Market in Eden, Utah.


Tom grew up around Ogden, Utah. He worked in the grocery store industry in various positions. In 2005, he partnered with his father-in-law, Terry Handcock. Both men wanted to provide their community with a source for fresh produce and groceries. Valley Market also embraced online ordering early on. Customers can order their groceries either online or over the phone. “A lot of other businesses were starting to do it, so we decided it just made good business sense,” says Tom.


They were introduced to Hi-Standard Dog Food a few years into their business. A customer pitched the idea of stocking it in their store, and they have kept it on the shelves ever since. “The sales speak for themselves,” said Tom about Hi-Standard Dog Food.


Outside of work, Tom describes himself as an outdoorsman. He enjoys camping and hiking and is a proud owner of a Goldendoodle and a Golden Retriever.


So if you live near Eden, Utah, make sure to check out Valley Market online or in person. You can check out their website or visit the store at 2555 N Wolf Creek Dr Eden, UT 84310. You can also give them a call at 855-234-7885.

If you are looking for quality dog food made with 100% American ingredients, check out Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call 866-357-3335 for more information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

Valley Market Customer of the Month

August Customer of the Month: Mohican Hardware and Outdoors

Samuel Raber has always loved two things, the outdoors, and hardware. He recalls first wanting to run a hardware store at fifteen. He fulfilled that life goal in 2019 when he started our August Customer of the Month, Mohican Hardware and Outdoors

Before he started his store, Samuel worked in construction for eighteen years. He bought the building from a man named Lester and finally fulfilled his dream. Lester, as well as Samuel and his family, were avid outdoor enthusiasts. Samuel hunted in his youth and still has a love of the great outdoors. Living right next to Mohican State Park-the namesake of the store- in Ohio, he still enjoys birdwatching with his daughter or nature hikes.

Samuel runs the store with his eldest son David. David handles the hunting and outdoor aspects of the business, like archery repair and other hunting equipment. Samuel runs the hardware department aspect of things, stocking a wide variety of power tools and materials.

His business partner Lester hunted with dogs and was a fan of Hi-Standard Dog Food. So when Samuel opened the store, he of course had to stock it. The food was a hit with his customers. “More than once, customers have said their dogs won’t eat anything else,” says Samuel. He loves the quality and consistency of food, knowing it will always be the same great formula.

So if you live near Danville, OH, and are in need of hardware, hunting supplies, or some Hi-Standard Dog Food, check out Mohican Hardware and Outdoors. Located at 21100 Pealer Mill Road, head down or call them at 740-599-5080.

If you are looking for quality dog food made with 100% American ingredients, check out Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call 866-357-3335 for more information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

Customer of the month Mohican Hardware and Outdoors

July Customer of the Month: Chippewa Farm Supply

Myron Martin has been a lifelong farmer, hailing from Decker, Michigan, and considers farm life both an excellent way to live and raise a family.

His passion for farming led him to acquire Chippewa Farm Supply in 2016, where he sold livestock feed, farming supplies, and dog food. Although farm dogs were considered pets during Myron’s upbringing, his farming customers expressed a need for quality working dog food. That’s when he discovered Hi-Standard Dog Food through his distributor, Kalmbach Feeds.

While his customers loved Hi-Standard for their farm dogs, Myron faced challenges in procuring it from Kalmbach. He turned to selling other working dog foods but found them unable to satisfy his customers. Eventually, Myron secured a new distributor for Hi-Standard through Elite Nutrition. “Once you get someone to try it [Hi-Standard], you’ll definitely have a repeat customer,” affirms Myron.

Running Chippewa Farm Supply alongside three of his seven children and a team of seven employees, Myron also manages his own 180-acre land where he cultivates corn, beans, and wheat. Additionally, he has a pet dog named Kolisa, a one-and-a-half-year-old Rat Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier mix.

For farm supplies or animal feed near Spruce, MI, look no further than Chippewa Farm Supply located at 6701 US 23. Feel free to visit their store or contact them at 989-471-5523 for all your farming and dog food needs.

If you’re seeking exceptional dog food made with 100% American ingredients, explore Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website or call 866-357-3335 to learn more about our food and find a dealer near you!

Chippewa Farm Supply with Hi Standard Dog Food

June Customer of the Month: Sportsman’s Warehouse

If you are an outdoorsman in the Western United States, there’s no doubt you have
heard of our Customer of the Month, Sportsman’s Warehouse. For years, they have
been providing equipment and advice for all kinds of outdoor recreational activities like
hunting, camping, and shooting.
Sportsman’s Warehouse was founded in 1986 by Bill Hayes as a single retail store in
Midvale, Utah. Since then, the business has grown exponentially with as many as 126
stores as of this year. Sportsman’s prides itself on being able to service customers of all
outdoors experience levels. They manage this by staffing outdoor enthusiasts who are
knowledgeable on the products and how best to use them. So whether you are going
camping for the first time ever or have been hunting since you could walk, Sportsman’s
has you covered.
The company is also committed to being good stewards of the outdoors and wildlife
habitats. They often donate to local causes in areas where their stores are located.
Additionally, they partner with wildlife and conservation groups like the Mule Deer
Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and
Ducks Unlimited.
Sportsman’s Warehouse began selling Hi-Standard Dog Food in 2002, when Hi-
Standard’s owner Wade Graskewicz walked into their headquarters to speak with them
about carrying our food. Since then, they have continued to carry Hi-standard at a select
number of stores throughout the American West. You can find Hi-Standard Dog Food at
Sportsman’s locations in Washington, California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Nevada,
Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado,and even Alaska!
So if you are looking to stock up on some outdoor equipment, make sure to check out
Sportsman’s Warehouse. Take a peek at their products and find the closest location to
you on their website here. If you are looking for a great dog food made with 100%
American ingredients, check out Hi–Standard Dog Food. Visit our website for more
information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

Sportsman's Warehouse

May Customer of the Month: Kay Berenson of Fun Family Toys

Our May Customer of the Month is no stranger to giving back to her community. Kay Berenson of Fun Family Toys has been breeding and selling dogs for almost twenty years. She runs her small breeding service with her son and daughter-in-law out of South Jordan, Utah. The small business specializes in toy breeds like poodles, Yorkiepoos, and Shih Poos.

Kay got into dog breeding as a hobby with her friend over twenty years ago. Her friend eventually had to sell Kay her share of the dogs, and Kay began operating as an independent breeder. She grew the hobby into a small business that she ran with her family and is now selling around fifty puppies a year. Her son Tyler and his wife Sarah help with the research and genetic testing side of the business. All of the puppies she breeds are also raised in her home to get them socialized. 

Kay doesn’t only sell the dogs she breeds. When the dogs she uses to breed get too old, she donates them. These dogs end up being used as therapy dogs or support animals for people with special needs.

Kay was introduced to Hi–Standard Dog Food when she was first getting into toy dog breeding. Once she got her dogs switched over, she never looked back. “I’ve noticed bigger litter and a healthy weight on the dogs. But best of all, I just don’t have any problems that come up when using it,” says Kay. Fun Family Toys recommends the food to all of their buyers and sends each puppy home with a sample bag of our Premium Performance Puppy Food.

So if you live near South Jordan, Utah, and are in the market for a toy dog breed, look no further than Fun Family Toys. If you are looking for great dog food made with 100% American ingredients, check out Hi–Standard Dog Food. Visit our website for more information on our food and to find a dealer near you!

Fun Family Toys

April Customer of the Month: Tim and Janice Peters of Red Apple Marketplace

Great customer service is nothing new to our Customer of the Month, Tim and Janice Peters. They are the owners of the Red Apple Marketplace in Ontario, OR. They are committed to being a premier grocer by keeping customers and employees at the heart of every decision.

Tim has been involved in the grocery industry for thirty-six years. He began in 1986 as a courtesy clerk for the grocery chain Albertsons before working on the operations side of the store. He then transitioned to working for their corporate offices. 

Janice is a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Health Coach who focuses on the nutritional aspects for customers and the community. She currently is on the board of the Western Treasure Valley Food Systems Partnership, whose mission is to eliminate hunger. Both her and Tim enjoy traveling, golf, tennis, and spending time with their family outside of work.

The Red Apple Marketplace actually opened 35 years ago. The Peters are the fourth owners of the establishment, having bought it last May. The previous owners were introduced to Hi-Standard at a pet food show in Salt Lake City about a decade ago. They have kept it on their shelves ever since.

Red Apple Marketplace is proud to have a community and environment-first attitude when it comes to being a grocery store. They are happy to be able to source their products from farmers, ranchers, and other local producers. Red Apple also partners with local food banks to help give back to the community and combat hunger. 

So if you live near Ontario, OR and are looking for quality produce or Hi-Standard Dog Food, check out Red Apple Marketplace or visit their website. Make sure your dog’s diet meets the Golden Standard with Hi-Standard Dog Food. Visit our website to learn more about our products and find a dealer near you, or give us a call at 866-357-3335!

Red Apple Marketplace

March Customer of the Month: LeeAnn Becker of
Becker Ranch

When starting Becker Ranch four years ago, LeeAnn Becker’s goal was to breed German Shepherds that were going to be not only healthy but also even-tempered. She does this with an extensive screening process to make sure the dogs she is breeding have healthy hips and joints and have a calm disposition.

She doesn’t stop there though. While raising the puppies, she rotates the two dogs at a time out of the kennel to live with her and her family in their house. The ranch also has a large open area for the dogs to run and play. LeeAnn is an AKC-approved breeder with H.E.A.R.T., meaning she does all recommended health testing. She is also an AKC-approved trainer and evaluator for titling. The ranch also chips each puppy to make sure they are always trackable. LeeAnn runs the ranch with her husband Chris and their six kids.

When selecting prospective dog foods for the ranch, LeeAnn made a stop at her local feed, Utica Feed, to ask for suggestions. They recommended she try Hi-Standard Premium Performance Puppy Food 32/18. LeeAnn immediately saw the results she was looking for. That is why she sends each of her puppies to their new families with a 40-pound bag of our dog food.

I love the vitamins they include. It helps protect against a lot of diseases in puppies that other dog foods do not,” says LeeAnn.

So if you are looking to get a German Shepard puppy and are near Utica, Ohio, check out Becker Ranch on their website. If you are just looking for good puppy food, check out Hi-Standard. With 100% American ingredients like added b-vitamins and DHA for brain development, this food will make sure your puppy gets a head start in life!

LeeAnn Becker Ranch

February Customer of the Month: Taycie Powell of The Golden Life

February’s Customer of the month is Taycie Powell and her breeding company The Golden Life (TGL), a premium golden retriever breeding business. Taycie’s idea for TGL came to her when she was thirteen years old, listening to How I Built This, an NPR podcast about entrepreneurs and business innovators. Taycie would listen while taking evening jogs and decided she too would dedicate her life to becoming an entrepreneur.

Taycie started TGL with the goal of changing the way people thought about breeders. By facilitating a personal relationship with the customer all the way from the birth of the puppy to handing them off to their new parents, TGL is right there with you to ensure a quality experience. This includes everything from matching pet parents with a puppy based on personality, sending photos and other updates, and even having FaceTime calls. Taycie also keeps in contact once you receive your puppy to answer any questions or just to stay in touch. TGL also has nationwide delivery, where a staff member will personally travel with the puppy to ensure their safe arrival.

TGL and Taycie both highly recommend Hi-Standard to all their customers.
So if you are in the market for a golden retriever puppy that is ethically bred, check out TGL on their website. Make sure to hold that new puppy’s diet to The Golden Standard with Hi-Standard Dog Food. Made with quality ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, Vitamin E and Zinc for immune support, and Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for a shiny coat and healthy skin. To find a dealer near you, click here or call us at (866) 357-3335.

Tracie Powell the Golden Life

January Customer of the Month: Associated Food Stores

Our Hi-Standard Customer of the Month this December is Associated Food Stores, a chain of retail stores located across Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oregon. Founded in 1940 by Donald Lloyd, the original idea of Associated Foods was to unite small independent retail stores to compete with larger corporate stores. Originally, thirty-four stores joined together with Donald. Each store Donated $300 each to build a warehouse they could all use and benefit from.

Over its Eighty years in business, Associated Foods has bought and supplied other retailers. Some of the brands you might have heard of that work with or for Associated Foods are Macey’s, Fresh Market, Lin’s Market, Dan’s Market, Dick’s Fresh Market, and Lee’s Marketplace. Associated Foods currently serves around 450 retailers in the American West. Ridley’s Family Markets, which was supplied by Associated Foods, began carrying Hi-Standard in the 2000’s. Associated Foods then began offering the dog food to all of the stores that they supplied.

So if you live near one of the stores mentioned above and are looking to try out Hi-Standard Dog Food, visit our website to find the closest dealer near your location. Associated Foods supplies many stores in Utah and the Salt Lake City area, so we can help find the closest store to you! To read more about each of our dog food products, visit our products page or give us a call at (866) 357-3335!

Associated Food Stores

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