January Distributor of the Month: Zanella Milling

Matt and Mark Zanella bought Zanella Milling seven years ago from their parents after they had run it for over 30 years. Their parents had gone to the bank to secure a loan to turn a car wash into a beer distributor. However, with their connections with all the local farmers; they decided to buy the West Sunbury mill and turn it into a one-stop-shop for farming, hardware, and home supplies. The mill at Zanella Milling is over 120 years old and they are one of the last companies in the whole country to mill buckwheat flour. Along with their historic mill, they have a retail location. Their retail location is stocked with just about anything you would need. From hardware and farm supplies to honey and spices. It truly is a one-stop-shop for all. 

In the beginning, their top-selling brand was Buckeye. They sold every product line that Buckeye offered – including their dog food. When Buckeye got out of the pet feed business, the hunt was on to find a new dog food to take their place. Matt and Mark asked their customers and peers what brands they liked best for their dogs and pets and many of the breeders and hunters told them that they had been feeding Hi-Standard and that they loved it. Matt and Mark decided to try it out and when they saw how much their dogs loved it and how well they did on it, they decided to start ordering it in bulk.

When asked what makes Hi-Standard stand out from all the other brands, Matt explained that the biggest factor was the consistency with the quality:

“No matter what is going on with the economy, the bag size and quality of the food are always the same. Some of these other brands have started making smaller bags and the quality of the food has really plummeted in the past few years. You don’t see that with Hi-Standard”.

Another thing that Matt pointed out that makes Hi-Standard stand out from all the other brands he works with is the colors of the bag make it easier for the customer to remember what type of food is the one they feed. “It really simplifies the process for the customer. They may not remember the name, but they’ll always remember the purple bag that their dog loves” Matt said.

“Zanella has been a loyal distributor with us for almost 20 years now. It started with Matt and Mark’s father and now the two sons distribute Hi-Standard throughout the north west Pennsylvania region. We are so thankful for the many years of loyalty and support from them and we look forward to many more years to working together and growing together.” – Wade Graskewicz, owner

Zanella Distributor
Zanella Distributor

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You want to know what’s in actually in the food that you’re giving your dog. Knowledge is power. Your pet is important to you. The content of their food is, too.