October Distributor of the Month: New Bedford Sportsmen Supply

Andy has been around dog food his whole life. When he was 15, he worked at a feed mill where they made and sold all types of feed for animals (along with dog food). Before that, he worked on a farm. Then, in 1994, he decided to go out on his own and run his own feed store. This was the beginning of his outdoor sport and feed store, New Bedford Sportsmen Supply. New Bedford Sportsmen Supply is a family run business that as well as selling Hi-Standard Dog Food, sells an abundance of outdoor gear. Andy, his wife, and his two sons help run the shop. 

At first, Andy did not sell Hi-Standard. He sold a different dog food brand. However, after being unhappy with the service, he called Wade after seeing an ad in the American Cooner magazine. He asked Wade about the dog food and he asked if he could try it on his dogs first before he started selling it. So, he fed it to his dogs and they absolutely loved it. So he told Wade to send a trailer over because he knew he had to have that feed in his store. His two sons actually kennel dogs and they now use Hi-Standard as well. Since the Fall of 2001, Andy and his family have been loyal Hi-Standard supporters. 

“When I started back in 1998, I was manufacturing in Missouri. After a couple years I moved my manufacturing to Ohio. I was having a hard time gaining distributors and moving product. Then one day, out of the blue, I get a call from Andy. He explained that he wasn’t happy with his current dog food brand he was selling and asked me questions about Hi-Standard. After he tried it himself, we were sending a trailer every week packed with Hi-Standard Dog Food. Andy is very well respected in the community and so when people saw him selling Hi-Standard Dog Food, they wanted to sell it too. We were getting calls left and right from people asking how they could start selling Hi-Standard, and it was all thanks to Andy. Andy is responsible for much of our growth in our early days and we are very appreciative of his support throughout the years. We look forward to the future with New Bedford Sportsmen Supply.” – Wade Graskewicz, owner

new bedford sportsmen supply

 September Distributor of the Month: WJ’s Distributing LLC

WJ’s Distributing LLC, located at 17211 Fredericktown, OH 43019, started back in 2003 when two friends came together and made an idea turn into reality. Wid Shipley has always been a dog lover, having a few of them as pets. Jim Howes shared the same love for dogs as he not only had them as pets, but hunting dogs as well. Another thing they both shared was their love for Hi-Standard Dog Food. They had heard about the brand before, and once they tried it with their dogs, they (AND their dogs) couldn’t get enough of it. It was at this time Jim came to Wid and told him they should start selling the dog food to the community, so everyone could experience how great it was. Wid was reluctant at first, especially since they had to order such a large amount at a time. However, before they could even get all the dog food stored in Wid’s warehouse, they had almost half of it sold. They continued going to local businesses, kennels, and even families to sell the dog food. And that’s how WJ’s Distributing LLC was born. 

Since then, Wid runs the business himself, as Jim has recently retired. Wid is still working hard, making sure everyone in the community is getting Hi-Standard Dog Food. Wid’s sons Mason and Jamison are a huge help in keeping the company going. When they aren’t busy with their day jobs working in construction, they are helping their dad load, unload, sort, and even occasionally go on deliveries with their father. Even though they often have to work late or on the weekends, they all enjoy making sure the community is stocked in Hi-Standard Dog Food. 

If you are interested in buying or even selling Hi-Standard in the central Ohio area, contact Wid Shipley at (740) 390-0010

“We have a very long history working with Wid at WJ Distributing LLC. Wid is great to work with; he is a very hard worker and is very passionate and loyal to Hi-Standard Dog Food. He does an amazing job selling Hi-Standard in central Ohio and is one of our top distributors in that region. We are very thankful to have him a part of our Hi-Standard family” – Wade Graskewicz, CEO and owner of Hi-Standard Dog Food



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