Puppy Training – How to Create a Good Hunting Dog

hunting dog in a field

Got a new pup in hopes of having a new hunting companion but don’t know where to start? The key to a successful hunting dog is proper training when they are a puppy.Before you take your soon-to-be hunting dog on the field, it’s important to be sure that they are ready. That means making sure they are socialized, obedient and receiving the right nutrients to keep them healthy after a long day of hunting. In order to this, we recommend these 3 necessary steps in hunting canine training and care.

Step 1: Feeding Your Hunting Dog the Right Diet

Much like every pet, dogs require a specific diet to keep them healthy. However, unlike the average household dog, hunting dogs are usually kept on a much stricter diet with certain nutrients and vitamins to nurture their bones and health.

A hunting dog diet should be high in protein.

While you’re making your dog food selection, it’s important that you choose a brand and product that offers a high protein diet. Why? Protein is essential for maintaining health and joint and bone repair. At Hi-Standard Dog Food, we offer a variety of protein/fat recipes including our 26/18, 24/20, 23/16, 22/12, 30,20 and our 32/18 puppy food. Before you select a formula for your hunting dog, we recommend consulting with a pet food specialist or vet. They will be able to help you find the right balance that your dog’s diet demands.

Hunting dogs require high protein / high-fat diets.

In addition to selecting a food that is high in protein, your dog will also need food that is high in fat. Because hunting dogs are so active, they are burning more energy and fat than the average dog. The best way to look at it is, the more active the dog, the more fat in their diet.

Step 2: Start Obedience Training

Obedience is more than having a well-behaved dog. In the hunting world, obedience is having a dog who understands and obeys their master’s commands. Before your dog hits the field, you should nail down some basic commands.

    • Come – Calling your dog to come to you. This command is best taught by using a leash and harness. Start by calling your dog towards you. If they don’t come, tug their leash towards you and reinforce the command.
    • Sit – A self-explanatory command, sit requests that your dog goes to sitting position. You can train your dog to learn sit by pushing their backside down while reinforcing the command. Eventually, they will catch on.
    • Heel – This command teaches your dog that you are the leader of the pack. While keeping your dog on a leash, begin walking. As they start to move ahead, tug their leash to have them return to their position behind you while reinforcing the command.

While training your hunting dog, it’s important that you stay consistent in your commands and always reinforce good behavior.

Step 3: Don’t Forget About Socialization

You can test your dog’s obedience training with exposure to the real world. Your puppy’s first opportunity for socialization will typically be at the vet. However, it shouldn’t stop there. Socialization is crucial for your hunting dog, as they will need to learn how to act in the field around other animals, hunters and hunting dog companions. If your dog doesn’t get the proper socialization, they are sure to experience problems in the field and at home. Socialization is recommended to start as early as 9 weeks.

Whether you’re looking to have the best hunting companion or just a well-behaved dog, these steps are crucial. When provided with the right food and training your dog is set to live an active and healthy life.

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