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There’s nothing like coming home after a long day and kicking your feet up and laying down on the couch. Unless it’s covered in dog hair. That said, you might want to keep your dog off of the couch, which can be tricky. Don’t worry; we are here to help.

Stay consistent.

The most important thing is consistency! By allowing your dog on the couch sometimes and then not allowing them on other times, you will be confusing your pup and setting them up for failure. This consistency needs to be applied by all family members and visitors to your home. No one should be inviting your dog up onto the couch.

Change the location of your dog’s bed.

Your pup is likely trying to get on the couch for a cozy place to chill, so providing them with a comfy alternative will help them stay off. Get your dog a new bed or move their bed closer to the couch so they know that is where they should be laying instead. 

They want to be close to you. Giving them a new spot to lay in with the same perks of being physically and emotionally comfortable will ensure that you continue to have a happy pup and undamaged furniture.

Flip the furniture.

Management is a key part of the training process. Making your furniture inaccessible to your dog can help you prevent them from couch surfing when you are not able to supervise them. Placing something on the couch or flipping the cushions vertically when you aren’t home is a preventative measure that may just do the trick! 

Cover the couch (or chair).

If your dog seems to defy, defy, defy, put aluminum foil on top to make it less appealing to lay on. They won’t like the crinkling, noisy nature of this once warm spot. They will then relocate to where they belong: their dog bed.

These are just a few solutions to landing your furry friend where they belong for some R&R. If you are looking for a feed that fuels your dog with the highest quality, click here and find a product that’s just right for them.

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