Hunting Dog Feeding – Preparing for a Hunt

Hunting Dog outside in field.

You’re weeks out from a big hunt. Is your dog prepared? Are there different things you should be adding to their routine to get your hunting dog ready? Have you thought about their diet? Maybe it needs to be changed. If you’re the owner of a hunting dog, you’ve considered all of these questions and more. We are going to explore the importance of change in routine and diet leading up to the hunt.

The Hunting Dog Diet Matters –

First, let’s address the obvious question, does what you feed your dog matter? Yes. Much like humans, what your dog is taking in will have a direct impact on the performance and energy that they put out. In addition to feeding them the correct amount of food, it is crucial that the food you feed your hunting dog has the right nutrients and minerals. For instance, while in the field your dog is using a lot of energy, therefore burning calories quickly. To ensure that your dog continues to build more energy, they should be fed a higher calorie diet.


Feeding on a Hunting Day –


If you have a hunt coming up, you want to ensure that you are feeding your dog adequately. This means upping their food intake leading up to the hunt. Because hunting days require more energy from your dog, you will want to increase the number of cups you feed them the evening prior to a hunt. You can read the back of your dog’s performance food for additional feeding directions. In addition to keeping your dog performing well on the field, upping their food intake also allows your hunting dog to build up energy reserves that can be stored and used later.


Feeding Day Of & After –


Contrary to the night before, you will want to start your dog out with less food the same day as the hunt. Feeding a heavy meal the morning of or midday on a hunting day will only hinder your dog’s performance. In order to get the best results from your dog, you should avoid feeding your dog during these times. If you feel that it’s absolutely necessary, you can feed them a very small amount. Additionally, much like the evening before, it’s important to feed your dog a larger meal at the end of the hunting day. This large meal allows them to build back up the energy that they have already burned.


Feeding routines don’t have to be difficult. At Hi-Standard Dog Food, we offer a variety of high-performance food options fit for every hunting dog. If you’re not sure the best option for your dog, feel free to contact us and we can work with you to find the right fit. Get ready for your next big hunt. Feed Hi-Standard.

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