Keeping Your Dog Active During the Winter

As temperatures drop and the days become shorter, it can become increasingly difficult to avoid being a bit lazy. The same rings true for your dogs too. Those outdoor activities that once kept your dog active for hours can no longer be a part of their daily routine. However, pet owners can implement some strategies to keep our dogs active, and healthy, during the winter months.

Incorporate Timed Outdoor Play

As humans, we tend to be extremely sensitive to cold temperatures and assume our dogs will be too. However, dogs that are used to being outside can actually tolerate the cold for longer than we might think. For a healthy adult dog, it is safe to be outside in 32° weather or higher for up to 30 minutes. Always remember to periodically check on your pup to make sure they are enjoying being out and actually exercising!

Workout Sessions

This suggestion is not only going to benefit your dog but you too! One of the best ways to get your dog active indoors is to incorporate workout sessions that you can do together. Try doing a few rounds of “doggie stairs” where you jog up and down a staircase. This simple activity will increase the heart rate and burn some serious calories!

Get Creative with Mealtime

Food is one of the easiest ways we can stimulate dogs (can’t we all relate to this?). Turns out, studies have shown that dogs enjoy their meals more when they have to work for them. Try hiding a meal in a unique spot or placing under some obstacles. This process will also slow down how fast the dog ingests his food which can prevent gastrointestinal complications.

Doggy Dates

While pet owners make great playmates, nothing beats a day chasing and wrestling with a fellow furry friend. Schedule regular play dates with your neighborhood dogs and watch how active your pup stays for hours!

Check Local Resources

Some veterinary offices, animal hospitals, or shelters will offer a place for dogs to exercise during the wintertime. These facilities are home to the best indoor doggy playgrounds and full of friends your pup can play with. Make sure you check your local businesses to see if anything like this is offered in your area.

Keeping your dog active during the wintertime takes a little extra effort but isn’t impossible. Pair some of these activities with our nutritional balanced Hi-Standard Dog Food and your dog is guaranteed to survive the winter months and come out with optimal health!

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