Preparing for a Puppy

Prepping For a Puppy: It’s that time of year again, and all your little one wants for Christmas is a puppy. So before you cave in, here are a few things you should know before you bring a puppy into your family.

Puppy-Proof the House

Just like having a toddler or a baby, you will need to puppy-proof your house. This includes keeping cleaning supplies in high cabinets/ secure doors, keeping electrical cords and sharp objects out of reach, doors and windows closed at all times, securing trash cans, moving poisonous houseplants, and much more. You can view a full list of how to “puppy proof” your home here.

Gather Supplies 

You will need to gather some supplies to get your new furry addition settled in. Here are a few items to put on your shopping list before you buy the puppy.

  • A crate ( one that they can grow into) 
  • A bed
  • A collar with a name tag
  • A leash 
  • Nail clippers
  • Shampoo 
  • Brushes (buy one that’s best for your dog’s hair type)
  • Dental care
  • Dog bowls
  • Interactive toys (ropes, hard rubber toys, balls, etc)
  • AND OF COURSE, dog food!

When shopping for food for your puppy, make sure you are buying food that is well balanced and has all the nutrients to help your puppy grow without becoming overweight. Our Hi-Standard Premium Performance Puppy Food is a chicken-based, soy-free formula that is specifically designed to provide the essential nutritional needs of a puppy while preventing excess weight gain. Hi-Standard Premium Performance Puppy Food is ideal for dry or wet feeding so the puppy can thrive on the same feed for the first one to two years of its life. Click here to find out where you can buy Hi-Standard Puppy Food.

Prepping For a Puppy

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