When perusing our dog food advertisements, you might have stumbled upon the mention of mixed tocopherols, leaving you curious about their significance in your furry friend’s diet. Let’s delve into what these compounds entail and the remarkable advantages they offer.

Understanding Mixed Tocopherols

Mixed Tocopherols belong to the Vitamin E compound family, commonly found in an array of sources including vegetable oils, nuts, fish, and various vegetables. These compounds play a pivotal role in preserving the freshness and flavor of our food by impeding the oxidation process of fats.

A Boon to Canine Health

Incorporating mixed tocopherols into our dog food confers multiple benefits. Primarily, it extends the freshness of the food, eliminating the necessity for chemical preservatives. This translates to a longer shelf life of Hi-Standard dog food, maintaining its palatability for up to a year after production, ensuring a delightful meal for your beloved pet. Moreover, these compounds are inconspicuous, lacking any discernible color or taste, ensuring a seamless consumption experience for your dog.

Elevating Standards with Hi-Standard Dog Food

When it comes to ensuring your dog’s optimal nutrition, Hi-Standard Dog Food stands as the golden standard. Crafted exclusively with 100% American ingredients, our products boast a pristine track record with zero recalls. Secure your dog’s well-being by exploring our website or contacting us at 866-357-3335 to locate a dealer nearby today!

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