10 Tips to Moving with Dogs

Dachshund inside a moving box looking over the edge of the box.

Whether you are moving cross country or just to a new home down the street, the sudden change can cause feelings of chaos and confusion for your pet. While moving is a strenuous process for everyone, there are some steps pet owners can take to reduce stress for their furry friends. Here are our top 10 tips for moving with dogs:

Stick to a Routine as Much as Possible

Inconsistent sleep, potty and eating schedules can feel like neglect to animals. If possible, try to keep your pet’s daily routine the same during the moving stages. It may take more effort on your part, but it will make the entire process a lot easier in the long run.

Introduce Moving Supplies Early

Don’t wait until the day of moving to bring out the big boxes and packaging tape. You’ll spend hours convincing your pup that these are not his new toys instead of packing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Medicate for Anxiety 

Moving with dogs can create anxiety for you and your pooch. Turns out, dogs experience feelings of anxiousness that can be treated by medication. Many pet owners use CBD treatments, but there are numerous anxiety solutions available.

Don’t Clean Right After the Move

Having items that smell like your old house will do wonders for your dog’s anxiety. Be sure to bring a couple of blankets or toys that hold a strong scent to the new house.

 Feed Them Lightly

Don’t feed your dog a heavy meal on moving day – especially if they have a sensitive stomach. An upset stomach can lead to accidents that you won’t have time to clean up. We recommend reducing your Hi-Standard dog food servings to 1/3 of the normal portion size.

Incorporate Exercise 

Exercise is essential for a dog’s mental and physical well-being. Especially during unfamiliar times, incorporating daily walks or more time outside can make a huge difference.

Keep Your Dog’s Brain Busy 

In addition to physical exercise, mental exercise is a stress reliever for dogs. Provide your dog with a treat puzzle or interactive toy to keep them distracted during moving days.

Take Your Dog on Walks in the New Neighborhood

For those of you who might be moving to a different home within the same area, this tip can be a huge help. Acclimating your dog to the new place prior to moving is a great way to improve the transition.

Give Your Dog a Safe Space 

A safe space, or confinement area, helps dogs feel calmer and more secure when things around them are not. Creating a safe space during the packing and moving stages will help your dog feel more comfortable.

If Possible, Find a Dog Sitter While Moving

Worried dogs tend to be underfoot and scared to leave their owner’s side. This can be extremely dangerous when heavy furniture is involved. When the day comes for the big move, it is best to leave your dog with a trusted sitter.

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