Why Does My Dog Eat Poop, And How to Stop It

One of the more unpleasant habits your dog may have is a tendency to eat poop. It could be their own, another dog’s, or a completely different animal.

Whether your canine is a serial poop eater, or you just want to be prepared, here is a brief look at why dogs eat stool and how to discourage it.


There are a few reasons your dog may begin eating feces. In fact, it may be one of their survival instincts from their ancestors as a means of avoiding starvation. Puppies can also pick up this behavior from their mother’s who clean them up for the first few weeks of life. Another reason could be stress, anxiety, confinement, isolation, sickness, or nutrient deficiency . Either way, while it is perfectly natural for your dog to eat poop, it can be trained out of them with relative ease.

Getting Them To Stop

If it is dietary problems that are causing your dog to eat poop, a consultation with your vet may be in order. That way you can find out what your dog’s diet is lacking in and how best to treat it. For example, Vitamin B Deficiency loss has long been thought to cause fecal eating, and can be cured with a multivitamin. It also helps to keep the dog’s living areas clean, and yards poop free to prevent them from eating it. One technique the American Kennel Club recommends is to teach your dog to come for a food treat as soon as they have done their business. That way, your dog will develop a habit of paying attention to you for a treat instead of going for feces. 

Hopefully this quick overview of why dog’s eat poop and how to handle it was helpful for you. As the American Kennel Club recommends, a balanced and nutrient-rich diet is one way you can curb your dog’s stool eating habit or bypass it altogether. That’s why Hi-Standard Dog Food products include nutrients, minerals, and beef for palatability. So make sure to feed them the golden-standard, feed them Hi-Standard. Click here to find the perfect product for your pooch!

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