Working Dogs & Nutrition

Common working dog golden retriever puppy

Unlike the average household pet, working dogs are known for their endurance, performance and hard work on the job. Much different than your average chihuahua, right? But what helps working dogs work hard?

A working dog is almost always a larger and stronger breed. For example, common working dogs include:

  • German Shepherd
  • Labrador
  • Great Dane
  • Saint Bernard
  • And Many More

However, it takes more than just a large breed to have a good working dog. In addition to the proper training and care, this type of dog requires a specific diet that provides necessary nutrients. Specifically, working dogs need the right balance of protein and fat as well as specific vitamins and minerals to ensure peak performance on the field.

Premium Performance 26/18

As mentioned, the correct protein to fat ratio is crucial when considering what diet is the right diet for your working dog. The Hi-Standard 26/18 Premium Performance food caters to high performance dogs with a 26% protein and 18% fat recipe. In addition, this blend is a meat-based, soy-free formula and contains all of the nutrients to ensure working dogs can reach their peak performance.

High-Energy 24/20

In addition to protein and fat, it’s important that when discussing working dog diets, we consider nutrients that provide energy. For example, our High-Energy 24/20 blend is not only packed with fat but also carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can be very beneficial to working dogs, as they provide added energy. Coupled with the 24% protein and 20% fat recipe, this food is recommended for the most active canines.

Premium Performance 23/16

The Premium Performance 23/16 food was formulated with working dogs in mind. Much like our other performance line foods, this blend is a nutrient dense diet with 23% protein and 16% fat. If you’re looking for improved digestibility and increased energy, this blend has what you need.

Premium Performance 30/20

For hard performing working dogs, a higher protein diet is extremely beneficial. Our Premium Performance 30/20 is the highest protein adult diet we offer. With 30% protein and 20% fat, this nutrient dense diet will ensure performance on the field while also providing improved digestibility and increased energy.

Premium Performance 32/18 Puppy

If you’re just starting with a puppy and have plans to turn him working dog, we recommend feeding a high-protein, high-fat diet early. The Premium Performance 32/18 Puppy formula includes all the nutrients to meet the needs of your growing working dog while preventing excess weight gain.

It’s recommended that working dogs are started on the right diet as early as possible to ensure that they not only work hard in the field but that they remain healthy. At Hi-Standard, we understand the importance of all dogs no matter their breed or role, getting the right diet. That’s why we created a robust line that includes everything from performance to grain-free. Learn more about the products we offer and make the switch today!

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